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National Poetry Month… Now with Kittens!
I Knead My Mommy: And Other Poems by Kittens, coming August 2014 b a d c
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Our cat, Kiara, enjoying a good book.  b a d c
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On Celebrating National Cat Day
I woke up at 3 a.m.Then I woke up at  3 p.m.Then I nappedThen I lovingly sat on your lapThen you lovingly pet me on your lapThen I freed the plants from the tyranny of the potsThen I freed the glasses from the tyranny of the counterThen I felt free enough to openly lick myself down thereAs if I were made of ice cream down thereThen I did something on your carpetThen I did something on your other carpetNeither was the cheap carpetThen I freed some skin from the tyranny of the dog’s noseThen I woke up at 11 p.m.Then I looked out the windowAnd reflected on all I did this special dayAnd I wondered, “Where is my parade?”
Francesco Marciuliano, I Could Pee on This And Other Poems by Cats b a d c
In celebration of National Cat Day, we’re giving away a stack of 7 cat-tastic books to one feline-friendly Facebook fan!
Enter on the Chronicle Books Facebook page.  b a d c
(via National Cat Day!! Cats! Cats! Cats! Join the celebration!!) b a d c
Kittehs make the cosmos sparkle. Happy National Cat Day! b a d c
Yes, National Cat Day is a thing. b a d c
On not winning the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature… b a d c
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First day back to the grind? Share this Grumpy Cat ecard with friends to commiserate.
Plus, click here for even more Grumpy Cat.
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GrumpyCat wins the Golden Kitty at the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival! 
This was her reaction…
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And thank you for seeing a book with words “Pee,” “Poetry,” and “Cats” all in one title and still thinking, “You know what? Let’s sell this thing anyway.”
— A thank you to booksellers, from the author of I Could Pee on This And Other Poems by Cats. b a d c
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